Odupong Community Day S.H.S which is one of President Mahama’s 200 promised senior high schools has been fully completed.

The school which will be commissioned soon will start operation on Monday with over 500 enthusiastic students.

After a meeting with parents and students, Dr. Alhaji Nuhu Adams, the Municipal Chief Executive of Kasoa told PinkNews that, “the ministry of education has promised us a new school if we are able to get enough students”

He also added that, the completion of the school shows that the Mahama-led government is on its toes to leave every stone unturned to develop this country.

Parents and admitted students lauded the government for this huge development.

The School is situated at Kasoa Ofaakor on the Jei River road on a hilly area which makes the attractive building visible from afar.

Apart from the main school block which is a three storey building, the school has a headmaster’s bungalow, staff bungalow, administration block and a canteen.

Its disability-friendly feature is a one with class and outstanding.