Two films directed by Ghanaian filmmaker, King Ampaw, will show at this year’s African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) in New York, United States. The films are ‘Kukurantumi- Road to Accra’ and ‘No Time To Die’.

David Dontoh plays the lead roles in both films and he has been invited by the festival organisers to be in New York from December 3 to December 9 for the screenings.

Dontoh will also be part of a panel   discussion on the state of the Ghanaian film industry today.

A product of the School of Performing Arts at the University of Ghana, Dontoh is an award-winning actor and an advocate for the improvement of the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

He said he was thrilled and surprised at the same time when he received the invitation from the festival organisers because he didn’t know how they had so much insight into his acting career  to set a day aside for films he had acted in.

On Tuesday, December 6, four films featuring David Dontoh will be screened at the Cinepolis Cinema in Manhattan. They will be the two King Ampaw films in addition to ‘Silent Moment’ by Kobi Rana and ‘Like Cotton Twines’ by Leila Djansi.

The panel discussion will come off after the presentation of ‘Like Cotton Twines’.

“Apparently, King Ampaw,  had been in touch with somebody close to the festival  about my work as an actor  and that was how I got invited as a special guest,” Dontoh said.

According to him, the recent passing of the Film Bill by Parliament raises some hope for the film industry in terms of investment and quality control and he would touch on that and other relevant issue during the panel discussion on Ghanaian cinema.

Other special events at the festival will include spotlights on Nigeria, Senegal, Black Australia and Afro-Latino films.

Sixty–six films from 30 countries will show at the festival which took off on November 25 and ends on December 11.