Ghanaian International Kevin-Prince Boateng on Saturday married his newfound love Valentina Fradegrada on the Metaverse

 It wasn't until October 2021 that he confirmed he was in love again. 31 year old Valentina Fradegrada  is the new woman warming the bed of the Hertha Berlin midfielder.
He didn't do that in Milan, not in Madrid, but in the Metaverse!

Anyone who thinks "Metawas?" is just as smart as the rest of the high-tech industry. Because the term has not yet been clearly defined - it is more of a pool for all ideas for the future of the Internet.

The only thing that is clear is that everything should become nicer and better. If you believe Facebook founder Zuckerberg, who renamed his company Meta, the Metaverse is primarily a virtual world. Colorful candy and full of funny cartoon characters.

For Google, the Metaverse is an Internet that is constantly with us, accompanying us even more closely than cell phones do today.

Still others dream of tearing down all language barriers, the end of hate, hunger and resentment.

Regardless of how these maybe-visionaries envision the Metaverse, somehow glasses are always part of the ideas. At Zuckerberg, it's thick, bulky virtual reality glasses that completely isolate their wearers from the real world.

At Google (and probably also Apple) it is augmented reality glasses that are supposed to underpin the view of reality with information and data.

Kevin-Prince seems to share Zuckerberg's vision and celebrated his wedding on a virtual moon. A virtual earth opened up behind the virtual wedding couple and virtual guests.

Did virtual tears then flow? Hopefully at least the wedding night wasn't just virtual.

Anyone who wanted to experience the spectacle needed digital expertise and patience. Tickets were available as NFTs on an online platform for crypto money.

Don't you understand? NFTs (short for non-fungible tokens) are files that are marked with a technical watermark in such a way that they cannot be forged or copied.

And cryptocurrency, despite the name, is not digital money, but a digital money investment. You can hardly buy anything with it - only occasionally NFTs.

After all, the proceeds of the whole event should go to a charitable foundation. So all the effort involved in purchasing, registering and participating is not in vain even if technical things don't work as planned.

Because the Metaverse is currently about as reliable as it has been made out to be. Facebook wanted to lure the US audience to the Metaverse after the Super Bowl with a Foo Fighters concert.

But most visitors only saw error messages instead of the rockers. Travis Scott and Ariana Grande's Fortnite concerts also caused endless waiting times, then exuded the charm of bad video animations from 1990s films.

If you remember "Second Life" now - yes, that was also an early attempt at the Metaverse. And there is a good chance that the current Metaverse wave, despite the billions invested by Facebook, Google & Co., will be similarly unsuccessful on the beach of reality.

But whether you find Boateng's Metaverse wedding visionary or goofy, if you've read this far, you'll remember it for a long time.