A couple is complaining of unfair treatment following a warning letter against their three-times daily loud sex that neighbours say they’ve had enough of.

Lydia Barker and Billy Brown from the United Kingdom admitted to having sex three times daily with what they refer to as "a few moans and groans" that, in their view, neighbours should be able to cope with.

issues before. I’d not call my sex sessions extreme... a few moans and groans, of course.

"We are doing it morning, noon, and night, but not at anti-social hours.

"If there was a problem most people would knock on the door, or stick a polite note through. Making an official complaint to the housing association is very extreme," Lydia lamented.

Meanwhile, Billy Brown, an engineer whom Lydia met a year ago on the Crazy Mouse ride at a travelling fair, said the neighbours just blew the matter out of proportion.

"The neighbours only have to put up with it for two minutes. What are they complaining about?" he quizzed.

The couple live in a semi-detached property in Castle Cary, Somerset.

Despite their feelings of betrayal, they have no option but to comply with the landlord’s warning letter by limiting the sounds of their groans and moans or risk being evicted.