The Association of Law Students is kicking against newly-approved guidelines for admission into the Ghana Law School and maintains its earlier call for the entrance examination to be scrapped.

The issue of admission into the Ghana Law School became contentious following a Supreme Court decision last year which scrapped exams and interviews as entry requirements.

Parliament subsequently approved amended law school regulations including entrance exams but rejected the conduct of interviews.

In the latest twist, the Director of the Ghana Law School, has come up with a new guideline which requires LLB holders to attain a pass mark of 50 per cent or better to be admitted into the Law School.

But the Association of Law Students has expressed reservations about the new development.

Its leader Nii Adokwei Codjoe, speaking to Class News, said: “The examination must go, they should liberalise it, let people have access to the course then at the end of the course, you can examine the students to see if they are good enough to be admitted to the bar or not.

“But to use entrance examination before allowing them to finish what they have already started is not fair. Most of us are not in favour of the entrance examination and the disclosure of the pass mark for the first time, is, in itself, not satisfactory. That the pass mark is now 50, is, in itself, perhaps, very little to jubilate about. We maintain our position that the examination should be scrapped.”