What people must know is that Jospong has been manipulating the system in Ghana for many years, hopping from one institution to the other, looking for ways and means to take bites at the national cake. I liken his behaviour to a hungry urchin, who jumps at people’s food, chewing on mouthfuls that he manages to snatch. The resulting financial losses have amounted to hundreds of millions of US Dollars, thus far!
In fact, I was not surprised at all to hear that Jospong, allegedly, is behind one of three factions at PDS. Being on the stronger side, having united with another faction, he was able to manipulate some stooges on the board to consolidate his control there.
Recently, he was supposedly given a 25 million USD contract for which he was paid upfront. After squandering the money, as said, he had his people canvass for extension, and an additional payment of same amount. The MD must also be investigated for behaving in a manner as to suggest that he was in on the conspiracy to rob PDS in favour of Jospong.
Tidbits of the nation’s fortunes are nibbled on in excesses never before seen in Ghana by Zoomlion and other companies owned by the alleged fraudster, Jospong. I call on the Special Prosecutor to investigate this malfeasance, and intentional acts of causing financial losses to the State.
I am surprised that Gabby Otchere-Darko’s name is being dragged in the mud. Being the kind of person that I am, I will not mince words to say what needs be said. On this score, neither Gabby nor the other names dragged into this quagmire are involved. I am not covering up for anybody, and I will not at all, because in my books, loyalty to the motherland is non-negotiable.
Former President, John Dramani Mahama, brought about the whole takeover of ECG. The government of President Akufo-Addo renegotiated the deal in order to make it more fiscally justifiable such that the Ghanaian would not be screwed by yet another NDC irrational and contemptuous act of indiscipline.
The idea that Jospong was leeching on PDS before its suspension is proof enough that it was an NDC setup, afterall, it is no secret that he is one of the main bankrollers of John Mahama. Currently, it is alleged that he is manipulating the NPP to make money to fund John Mahama in the futile hope of bringing back the days of evil, squander, slander, and fiscal chaos!
When news broke that PDS was suspended, I knew that the ultimate would finally catch up with it. In fact, management is lagging behind in complying with all the rules of the concession. I surmise that PDS cannot be up to date with its basic responsibilities, financially, administratively, technically, and ethically! They should just #Gerrout! The chopchop agenda of Jospong, and other idiots under the guise of nationalism may have finally being exposed with the suspension of PDS. Its cancellation and sacking are an inevitability!
Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Kaezer Alamissi Amidu, please make sure to prosecute the officials of PDS. Allegedly, they are thieves in three piece suits looking to milk the nation dry with Joseph Siaw Agyapong as the maestro controller of thievery that went on since the regrettable takeover in May. The MD, Hutton-Mills and a member of the Board, the only David xxx (forgot his last name) there, must be investigated and charged with conspiracy to rob the nation, a treasonable offense.
Henceforth, any person indicted in fiscal misappropriation of the nation’s money from the days of the NDC till date must be dealt with at the Firing Squad. We cannot spend money on their upkeep in the prisons. Good Ghanaians need that money to maintain Ghana as the great nation that Nana Akufo-Addo is making it.
By Fadi Dabbousi