The President of the Liberia Football association has sent a  message of solidarity to the GFA Normalization Committee ahead of the 25th October Presidential Congress.

Alhaji Mustapha Raji says Ghana has always been an inspiration to the rest of Africa and especially to Liberia.

"Ghana and Liberia share a special bond that goes beyond football and sports," he said.

"A lot of Liberians continue to call Ghana their home as there are a lot of Ghanaians actively participating and supporting the development and the regeneration of Liberia."

Speaking to Sports World he said, football is a powerful tool that can be used to unite even the most bitter rivals what more friends like Ghana and Liberia.

"In the case of Ghana and Liberia, we hope to continue using football for mutual cooperation and development".

In his message, Alhaji Raji wished the candidates, delegates and all stakeholders the very best of luck.

"A single leaf cannot make a tree, but good branches coming together does and for this reason I look forward to working with the incoming GFA on football development issues, training, exchange programmes and matches at all levels along with technical support.

"I am happy that I have a Ghanaian oriented person like coach Clarence Lee Chea who has great links and respect in Ghana havubg spent many years training and working there.

Under President Raji's leadership, Liberia is currently participating in all CAF level competitions for the fiest time since the formation of the Liberia Football Association in 1936.