Some social media users under a post shared by Maame Serwaa and they are not ‘easy’.

The young actress posted a photo on Instagram with a caption ‘preaching’ about decency and its effects.

Though Maame Serwaa looks beautiful in her African print top which she wore over a pair of jeans, some of her fans and followers have observed that she is ‘outgrowing’ her body and age.

The beautiful young actress Maame Serwaa
Some of them have stated in plain language that she needs to do something about her body and also check her fashion sense.

Maame Serwaa is being advised by the fans to either check her diet, go for a training, or do whatever it is to “check” her body because she is “growing faster than her age”.

One particular user with the name the name Kyerewaa Evelyn advised Maame Serwaa about her fashion sense; asking her to stop painting her nails with the colours she has used in this photo.

Read some of the comments on Maame Serwaa’s photo here:

ewuramadufie: "U beautiful dear but pls slim down a little! Luv u ruff❤."

nanaefyaboahemaah: "Obolo."

henegyemang12: "Pls check your diet. You're growing faster than your age."

l.odartey: "Pls train for me wai."

madonna1234511: "ei Bresty be this."

deelasandra: "U r 90% beautiful but please keep the body well."

kyerewaaevelyn: "Pls stop painting ur nails with such colours."

The comment by the social media user asking Maame Serwaa to "go and slim down"
According to Delay, Maame Serwaa's stature does not fit that of an eighteen year old lady, therefore, she must be careful not to grow past her age.

Maame Serwaa has been in the news lately.

A post she made on Mother’s Day about how she misses her late mother everyday went viral.

The 18-year-old star actress is signed on to Sylvanus Records, a new management which has said it is ready to take Maame Serwaa’s career to the international level.