The Herald, can authoritatively report that, tension is seriously brewing in the Madina Constituency of the Greater Accra Region, among some party executives, assembly members, opinion leaders and youth of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and sooner than later, there could be violence.

This is over reports that, some Flagstaff House big men, are scheming to reappoint Jennifer Dede Afagbedzi, as the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for La Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal Assembly, who was overwhelmingly rejected by the Assembly members at the polls.

This paper is reliably informed that, majority of the NPP executives, who are not in support of the nomination of Madam Dede Afagbedzi, are secretly plotting with the youth for a violent protest and open showdown with the appointing authorities, to register their displeasure, should the woman be nominated for the second time.

Reports reaching The Herald revealed some assembly members, held a secret meeting on the matter over the weekend, and unanimously resolved that, the party would suffer the consequences by losing the Madina seat in 2020, if Flagstaff House kingpins, impose the failed nominee on the area as the MCE.

They believed, the Deputy Chief of Staff, Francis Asenso Okyere, Captain Edmund Kwadwo Koda, the chairman of the Madina Constituency, Michael Makenzi, as well as some self-seeking party executives, are those behind the scheme to foist Dede on the Assembly.

They also argue that, the assembly members, who unanimously rejected her, could be compromised in order to approve the failed nominee, should she be nominated again; an issue they say, will amount to bribery, which the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, has promised to fight under his administration.

They are also concerned that, the Madina area, is predominantly dominated by people of northern (Muslims) and Ewe extraction, and that a woman like her, cannot manage and handle some critical disputes in the municipality well, should one arise.

Some of the NPP youth in the Constituency, have also threatened that, they would no longer be members and activists for the party, should Miss Dede, be brought back.

Dede, polled only four votes out of the 13 assembly members present at the National Vocational Training Institute in Madina, the venue of the programme.

This means that, 9 out of the 13 assembly members, voted against her and, therefore, she could not secure the two-thirds votes to get the endorsement as required by law.

The shocking outright rejection of the nominee per the results, led to a heated debate among both supporters and opponents of the nominee.

However, the nominee, knowing she is very close to some bigwigs at the presidency, boasted to her supporters that, she would be reappointed and “lucky at the second attempt”.