Governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), National Organiser has stressed that the difference between President Mahama’s campaign and that of his rival Nana Akufo-Addo is the realistic nature of the President's promises.

Kofi Adams explained that President Mahama’s ‘one house, one meter’ is better than Akufo Addo’s list of promises tagged ‘one village one dam’ or 'one factory-one district.'

President John Mahama has told residents in Abura, a community in Central Regional capital, Cape Coast, that he is giving each household, one electricity meter.

The plan is to distribute 1,500 meters after residents complained that assigning one meter to four or five households is causing domestic conflicts when it comes to sharing the electricity bill.

Sharing one electricity meter means that the households have to contribute to buy pre-paid credit and failure of one home to pay up triggers quarrels.

In compound homes, accusations of unfair calculation of energy consumption of each home can turn acrimonious.

The President’s intervention in the distribution of pre-paid meters while on the campaign trail in the Central Region was received with cheers.

But President John Mahama's ‘one house one meter’ appears to have followed the line of campaigning adopted by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

So far the opposition party has promised one district-one factory, one community-one million dollars and one village-one dam.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Top Story Tuesday, Kofi Adams explained that the difference is to be seen in the realistic nature of the promise.

He called Nana’s Addo’s promises so far as ridiculous and jested that if it was Akufo-Addo making the promise at Abura, he would have said ‘one pressing iron, one meter’.

“That is the Nana Addo kind of promise...Nana Addo’s promises are not doable” he concluded.

The NDC National Organiser explained that President Mahama is a man of his words who would not promise ‘pie-in-the-sky for political advantage.

“President Mahama is one person who makes promises that he keeps,” he said noting the NDC flagbearer leaves his audience no doubt that his word is his bond.