A 30 year old man Idrissu Ziblim is in the grips of the Northern regional Police for allegedly gunning down an 80 year old man who he suspects is a wizard.

Ziblim accused 80 year old Mumuni Neendoo of killing his 72 year old father under mysterious circumstances with his wizardry but contrary to the accused claims, his father had been suffering from an unnamed illness all this while in Kunyavula village a community predominantly known for its farming activities.

After the demise of Idrissu Ziblim's father, as custom demands in our African traditional setting, 80 year old Mumuni decided to pay a courtesy call on Idrissu to mourn with him and his family on their loss.

Upon seeing the 80 year old man in his house, the accused Iddrisu who was irked by  his presence collected his single barrel gun and shot straight at the alleged wizard killing him instantly.

After realizing his crime , the cowardice inside him instigated him to take to his heels but was arrested after a hot pursuit by the town folks before handing him over to the police as investigations continue.