A 19-year-old girl in the Ashanti Region has been raped several times and impregnated by her step-father.

Akwasi Owusu on a night when his wife had travelled forced his stepdaughter to have sex with him in the guise of conducting a vaginal inspection on her.

The room was dark and someone woke me up and held my hand but before I could reach for a torch light, the person was gone, the victim told Luv FM’s Kwasi Debrah.

According to the lady, (name withheld), her step-father showed up in the room and asked for a toilet roll. After spotting a condom on the floor, he accused her of allowing someone to sleep with her.

The victim alleged that Akwesi Owusu dragged her to his room and inserted his finger in her vagina, after which he used his manhood and forcibly had sex with her.

Since then he has been having sex with me at the blind side of my mother even when she is at home and lures me with 60 or 120 cedis, she indicated.

On her way to the police station one day, the victim met her mother who warned her not to report the matter to the police as it would bring shame to the family.

The victim, subsequently informed the Tepa Police who arrested her step father but her mother intervened and got him released.

Akwesi Owusu admitted to having sex with his step daughter but insisted it was once, Luv FM’s Kwasi Debrah reported.

Source: myjoyonline