Special Prosecutor nominee Martin Amidu, may obviously not have a problem with the US President’s vulgar comments on Africa just as I am not.

This is because he has proven to be a man full of clean thoughts and will.

I have always wondered how a person in this ‘propanga politicising’ region could live by such a strong conviction to do right.

The insult is not certainly directed at the ‘Martin Amidus’ nationwide.

I bless God for such a faithful, committed and good will son of our beloved mother Ghana.

Though Martin Amidu may not be bothered about Trump, I think Mr. Amidu is certainly not happy that his loving family, friends, well wishers and the honourable citizens of Ghana feel insulted.

The mess is the reason all these innocent and good people are being mocked at.

Mr. Amidu must be angered and thinking; I must clean this mess.

That would be the best revenge for mother Ghana.

His hunger to fight corruption has been shown in public, and has earned the respect and recognition of Ghanaians since he started revealing some alleged bad practices in a Government he was part of as an Attorney General.

Yeah, he was sacked. I am sure he has starved for long; couple of years now without food.

Mr. Amidu, President Akufo-Addo and his able Attorney General have put food on the table for you now, please eat.

A hungry man is always an angry man. There is food on the table; so please no more anger.

Please take your time and eat; chew every piece of the chicken and finish the last grain of the rice.

Prosecution is your food now. Enjoy your meal, Senior.

We the honourable citizenry will put more food on your table.

We are sure to provide your office with information as former President Rawlings pleaded with us.

Corruption affects the masses; hence it is a mass murderer.

Some hard core murders Ghana have experienced in the past include; the  Brazil 2014 World Cup saga, GYEEDA, SMARTTYS & Bus branding scandal, losses at SADA and a tall list of evil revelations in the Auditor General’s past yearly reports.

We certainly want you to prosecute this murderer.

I am honoured to have been heard by you, Mr. Amidu.

God bless your endeavour to clean the mess in Ghana.

God bless Ghana.

By Samoa Mensa| Ghana

Source: 3news.com