Dr. Lawrence writes:

The NPP and their government are governing this country as if the country is an island and only NPP members live on it. They do their nonsense and then turn around and tell Ghanaians to clap for them. Or are they relying on rigging the 2020 elections?

1. They introduced the bench mark tax. That was a new tax they introduced and when the importers complained about it, they didn’t scrap the whole thing away but reduced it by half. They then sent their communicators to the radio stations to tell Ghanaians that they should clap for them for their mess. They do stuff like this as if Ghanaians are stupid.

2. They went to AFCON 2019 with $6.3 million. They reached the one sixteenth stage, spent a whooping $4.6 million and brought back $1.7 million. The Sports Minister had the audacity to tell Ghanaians to clap for him and the government for bringing back some monies. He took it that Ghanaians are stupid.

3. This government introduced another tax and called it “Car Luxury Tax” Through their mismanagement and carelessness, the tax couldn’t generate the needed revenue so they scrapped it. The Finance Minister went to Parliament and asked Ghanaians to clap for the government for scrapping a tax they introduced

4. They caused the most sophisticated scandal in the history of Ghana. When a “foreign entity” caught them stealing, they suspended the scandal, took ECG from PDS, started an investigation and then gave ECG back to PDS. After this nonsense, they asked Ghanaians to clap for them for detecting the fraud on time. The investigation is just two weeks old but everything has gone back to business as usual. PDS now runs ECG. Massa, Ghanaians are not that stupid.

The scandals, fraud, incompetence, stealing and the foolishness of this government is unprecedented, and in the cause of it, they tell Ghanaians to clap for them. Because they have idiots defending them, they see everything as going on well on their island. Now that Nana Addo has nothing to show after almost 3 years in office, he is going around renaming federal monuments and institutions after his failed captains, as if it is a taboo to build his own.

The NPP pride themselves with Free SHS and NABCO but they have not told us how the left-overs from Free SHS and NABCO will be absolved into the society. They will not talk about that because they think Ghanaians are that stupid. This Nana Addo government is a curse and bad luck for Ghana. God should forgive all those who voted for such curse. I know some of them are shouting: NEVER AGAIN!!!

The writer is the Founder of Diaspora Progressive Movement based in USA