Ghanaian international Michael Essien has ruled out any chance of retirement despite being currently unattached and insists he still has the passion for football.

The former Chelsea midfielder remains committed to playing at the age of 35 but has not received any offers from clubs

Speaking to SunSport, Essien says: “Why haven’t I retired? I love this game too much.

“It gets to a point that the older you get the more you enjoy the game.

“There’s no pressure on you. You want to go out there and enjoy yourself.

“I’m still thinking about what I can do when I hang up my shoes. And I really don’t know what to do.

“If something comes up, then I’ll be interested. Then I’ll think about what I can do next.

“I still want to stay football and find out what I can do.

Essien, a free agent since March, lives in London and maintains his fitness by training several times a week with Chelsea reserves in Cobham.

By Daraja Mutari