The Students Representative Council of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) has accepted the decision management  to stop the wearing of miniskirts and shorts in the school.

Wilberforce Dzisah, the Rector  who discharged the instruction earlier on, stated  that the caution follows concerns by management of the school about an increase in indecent dressing among students.

“Management has raised concerns about an increase in indecent dressing by students. Management has therefore decided on the following and this should not only go to fresh men and women but for the continuing students as well. No shorts or miniskirts are to be worn for lectures. Clothes which expose your vital parts shall not be entertained,” he admonished.

The Women's Commissioner of GIJ, Suriaya Gomda has admired the move, saying it is not out of place.

“As the Women's Commissioner of GIJ, my take on the ban of mini skirts on campus by management is not out of place. GIJ is a professional school, and a noble institution for that matter; and ladies should dress accordingly,” she stated.

“Ladies on campus should respect the presence of male lecturers and their colleague-males. Let us not pretend that as ladies, our sense of fashion have resounding impact on them,” she added.

She is of the assumption that students who are aspiring to be professionals should “allow themselves to be groomed by existing structures, conventions and situational laws.”

by Abubakr Salim/