Winners of the 2019 Miss Ghana beauty pageant have been the subject of social media ridicule with some suggesting that the ladies are not beautiful enough to represent the nation at any event.

Others also claim the winners might have cut corners to win the coveted prizes as the most beautiful women in Ghana.

The whole brouhaha started when Citi Tv posted pictures of the winner of Miss Ghana 2019 Rebecca Nana Adwoa Kwabi alongside those of 1st runner up Sarah Odei Amoani and 2nd runner up  Deborah Opoku Sarfo who were there for a live TV interview.

Some Ghanaians on micro blogging site twitter started question why these ugly looking ladies could win the miss Ghana contest with some asking the winners to take of their wigs and make up to reveal their true identity.

One user with the handle name @smallsin tweeted: "Tf is this? Remove the wig and makeups and let's see what's left!!".

Another one with the handle name @okeosisi tweeted: "I sure say inner beauty them spy cosss"

Others also questioned why ladies on the platform questioning the beauty of the winners did not contest if they thought they were pretty enough.

Some people also blamed the drop in the quality of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant on the event's organizer Miss Inna Patty.