The Electoral commission chairperson, Jean Mensah yesterday disclosed that the commission was considering reviewing downwards the closing time for voting from 5pm to 4pm.

This move will enable officials of the commission to be able to at least beat spending time deep into the night by an hour.

In view of this the EC chair says there are arrangements to create more polling centres in order to reduce the time spent by voters at the polling station.

Various political parties have been reacting to this news with the NDC vehemently against this move.

According to the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Peter Boamah Otukonor, this move is unnecessary and the reasons for the review are untenable and invalid.

The NDC is therefore urging the EC to reconsider this move and look for better ways of improving the voting process.

“The best and brilliant way to resolve this is to improve the voting process rather than cutting down on the time.

“The EC should find better ways of improving the voting process” he added.

Meanwhile the NPP is in support of this move but wants the EC to do more,

Evans NImako is the director of elections for the NPP says that” if they are going to reduce the time by an hour then they should look at the number of people at the various polling stations and also look at the number of processes a voter goes through before voting” he concluded.

The PPP thinks the reduction is alright but urges the EC to do more to ensure most voters are able to vote.

Kofi Asamoah Siaw is the Director of Policy “4pm fine but if everyone decides to go to the polling station that means that few hours to make sure that everybody votes but it can also reduce the hours or number spent into the night but we must look at the number of people who vote at a particular polling station.” he added.