Naira Marley, has spoken candidly with presidential aide Reno Omokri during an interview, about his friendship with late singer MohBad and the young artiste's battle with psychiatric issues.

While the music industry continues to mourn the unexpected passing of MohBad, Naira Marley has been fighting to refute the suspicions surrounding his relationship with late singer who was his former signee.

Naira Marley claims that the late MohBad made every effort to get help for himself despite having psychological issues that may have even suggested suicidal inclinations.

During the same interview, Reno Omokri confronted Naira Marley directly about his involvement in the horrible death of MohBad.

Naira Marley replied by stating unequivocally that he wasn't even in the country when the sad event occurred.

To support his claim and show how friendly their relationship was, Naira Marley revealed a voice note that he and MohBad had exchanged just one week before the young singer passed away.

Nevertheless, rumours and suspicions persist despite this evidence. Some internet users ponder if Naira Marley's possession of this voice note suggests premeditation or whether it was really a coincidence.

They wonder if Naira Marley made the trip deliberately to create an alibi and release himself from liability for MohBad's demise.

Naira Marley had previously given his viewpoint in a press release that had been released just two days before the interview.

In the statement, he categorically denied any involvement in the terrible death of MohBad.

He went on to say that neither he nor his group had ever hurt MohBad physically.
However, when earlier tweets from MohBad that stated he had been the victim of an assault that was allegedly ordered by Naira Marley surfaced, comparable information became available.

The interview is distinctive due to Naira Marley's admission of MohBad's psychological problems.

He disclosed that the late artiste had psychiatric issues and that he had tried sincerely to assist him when he was still alive.

This information, however, complicates the investigation into MohBad's killing and raises more issues.