Shemima made an appearance on Date rush with a heart-wrenching story of how her last relationship ended.

Cluelessly, her ex-boyfriend was a married man, despite his tender loving care, was very deceptive. Shemima Hawa recounted the embarrassing moment when his wife accosted them on an outing. She explained that although she knew he had children, she had no idea he had a wife too!

She said, “One day, he invited me to the beach because I like going to the beach in my free time. We were at the beach having fun together. All of a sudden, his wife appeared, and I went like wow.”

“So, the wife started asking me questions. Who am I? Am I the one with her husband? Her husband does have time for her. And I was like, Madam, I am sorry. I did not know your husband was a married man. He didn’t tell me anything.”

Her brother also confirmed the severity of that episode. He also recounted how parents and elders had to be involved in the resolution process. She said that experience scared her. But she is on the Date Rush show to find a partner for marriage because she is not growing any younger.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur chose Ali (who is very much single) to start their love journey.