Ghanaian Afrobeat/Reggae artiste, Luta GH has disclosed that his father wanted him to stop doing music at a specific point in his career until his hit song ‘Dormi Tamor Sorng’

During an interview on the Onua Showtime with Nana Ama McBrown, the ‘Oshhh’ hitmaker revealed that it took the persuasive efforts of some individuals to convince his father to allow him to pursue a career in music.

“At a point in time, my dad was like, I should stop this music thing. He wasn’t really in support but that was what I wanted to do. People kept telling him your son is good you should allow him until I had my breakthrough song Dormi Tamor sorng”. he said on Onua showtime.

Luta shared that his journey in the music industry has been far from easy. He recounted instances where he faced challenges in promoting his musical talents and struggled to garner support from individuals.

“Starting this music thing wasn’t easy like that. When we started, it was just us on the street trying to promote ourselves. When you compose the music, you give it to a dj and you will have to shoot a music video and other stuff. It was really really difficult” he shared.

Additionally, Luta disclosed that, in order to sustain his music career, he ventured into the fashion industry, where he engaged in the production of shirts, belts, and embroidery items as a supplementary source of income. He acknowledged that his father was supportive of his dual career pursuits.

The disclosure stemmed from the conversation of artistes combining the music business with side jobs on the show.