One of the suspects in the Kumasi NDC office shooting incident, Samuel Agyin aka Rock, has revealed his mother fainted upon hearing that the Police has declared him wanted.

He disclosed in an interview with a local radio station Pure FM in Kumasi on Thursday that his mother upon seeing images of him being declared wanted by the police in the media collapsed and is dying slowly at a health facility.

ROCK who wants his name expunged from the list of wanted suspects insists he is not in any way related to the incident and that the police know the perpetrator of the crime but still went ahead to add him among the list of suspected persons.

“My mum is dying in a hospital because the police included my name and picture on the list of wanted suspects in connection with the murder of Wassiu at the NDC Regional Office in Kumasi”, he revealed.

The professional barber is accusing the police of trying to link him to a crime he has no bearing with reiterating the police must go after the main suspect who is Warrior and who fired the gunshots.

“Warrior who committed the crime, you posted his image and added us. Why that is my mother has no idea of what happened and you went and arrested her? Right now if my mother dies who should be blamed? They must go for Warrior and interrogate the injured person because he saw the person who shot them and not some of us”, he disclosed on the show.

Continuing his account he added “everyone who was there saw that Warrior and the deceased already had their misunderstanding which escalated at the party headquarters. The injured person must be interrogated to name the gunman”, pleaded with the police.

He invoked curses on persons who caused his mother to collapse because they have declared him wanted.