Ghanaian actress, Salma Mumin’s ‘watermelon-inspired’ photoshoot that went viral in 2018 has once again become a subject for discussion.

Salma, a guest on the United Showbiz blamed bloggers and journalists for the ailing Ghanaian entertainment industry adding that all these individuals do is taint the hard-earned reputation of entertainers.

The actress lambasted Ghanaian entertainment journalists for what she described as constantly feeding the public with negative news.

“For a very long time, these people have been wanting to trend at the expense of anything. I mean the TV stations, radio stations, and bloggers on social media love to trend. So, for a very long time, all they feed the public is bad news. Once they see bad news about someone it goes viral. Now celebrities think that the good side of their craft does not sell and because of that, they do wild things just to promote themselves. Positivity can also sell if there is no negativity,” she passionately said.

MzGee, an entertainment journalist who was one of the panelists on the show disagreed with Salma’s assertions.

Rather, she insisted that celebrities are responsible for feeding the public with such negativity by sharing and engaging in all manner of controversies on social media.

MzGee, in a bid to cite an example resurrected issues relating to Salma’s controversial photoshoot and asked why she shared such posts on social media.

“You Salma as you’re sitting here talking, you did a watermelon photoshoot and posted it on social media. What exactly did you want us to do with it? You gave us content. We are only delivering what you gave us. Don’t blame the newsmakers. Why are you blaming bloggers and newsmakers for this? They sit somewhere and mind their own business and you guys chose to feed them with such news. Someone pulls up a stunt, it is content and I will post it," MzGee looked Salma directly in the face and said.

In response, Salma retorted that she didn't see why MzGee would bring up her watermelon photoshoot into the discussion.

Watch the video below: