Some members of the New Patriotic party in the Tatale Sanguli District in the Northern region of Ghana have expressed their grievances to the heads of the political party demanding for decision of the election committee to be cancelled.

The constituency elections committee are being accused of deciding to maintain the executive committees of the party in the region.

They indicated that the regional Chairman of the party Bugri Nabu had scorned them when they referred to the regional office to purchase the forms to declare their portfolios for the elections.

In a press conference organised by the affected members of the party,  Isaac Gmaye Tangben stated that “We aspirants were asked to meet the elections committee chairman, the DCE and the constituency research officer for the modalities regarding the forms and purchasing of forms only to be told that, the constituency chairman threatened to shed blood if he attempts to sell the forms”.

However, in a rebuttal statement, Mr Kwasi Npong has argued against the claims of the aggrieved executives saying that the party had agreed at annual delegates conference that there will be no elections in the area.