The Deputy Defence Minister Major Derek Oduro while commenting on the clashes that took place between some military and the police in the Northern Region has indicated that, the Regional Minister, Salifu Saeed should  be blamed for the incident.

The bloody clash which took place between the two sides of the law enforcers agency in Tamale had occurred when the police were reported to have arrested a military man on the grounds that he was assaulting a taxi driver after a short misunderstanding.

The policemen stepped into the scenario to but were faced by the strength of the military when eight of them (the police) were injured after being beaten with guns, sticks and canes and are currently receiving treatment at the police clinic in the region.

The police retreated to the regional headquarters and were still confronted by the military which led to the exchange of gun fires in the presence of the outgoing regional commander.

Salifu Saeed, who is the Northern Regional Minister had to call for an emergency meeting to stop the chaos.

In the meeting, Mr Saeed had blamed the activities of the two parties on their leadership quality of both the military and the police.

He said, “It was a leadership failure and their commanders, you know these young security officers some of them haven’t seen serious war so they are looking for an opportunity to flex muscles.”

However, the deputy Defence Minister Major Oduro speaking to Accra based station Starr FM earlier today said the the Mr Salifu Saeed, who is also the head of Regional Executive Security Council (REGSEC) should take the blame for the clashes between the two parties.

He said, “This is not the first time the clash is happening but this time round, there must be proper investigations and the matter dealt with. Salifu Saeed is the security boss in the northern region and if he thinks the clash is as a result of leadership failure, then we can say He (Salifu Saeed) has failed”.

He added, “This time, we will investigate the matter properly, apportion blame and punish the culprits. We wouldn’t want to see this act showing its ugly head again. Salifu Saeed is the best man to answer why the leadership failed. The clash is shouldn’t happen at all.”