Life requires physical training to ensure the body is energized naturally, but technology has come to render us lazy, meek and weak therefore, making life much more easier, but the other hand, health wise makes us weak( unhealthy / strong).

The body demands physical strength through the act of doing numerous things such as house chores( washing,sweeping, cleaning, dusting, mobbing,ironing, weeding, clearing of grass, watering of plants, flowers, walking often to energize the body. unfortunately,technology modern ( machines/equipment and gadgets)have come to replace all these artificially, making life easier to live without knowing that it’s rather killing our healthcare welfare gradually.

Many people hardly walk, many drive more, sit in Air conditions for very long at home, work places, cars and restaurants. Living a healthy life, does not require eating well alone, but ensuring your physical body goes through physical therapy( exercise). Take it serious , old age will knock at your door soon.

The writer is the CEO Avcontech limited ( security masters)