Member of Parliament for Ashaiman, Alfred Agbesi, is asking Ghanaians to vote massively for National Democratic Congress parliamentary candidates in the upcoming elections to save President John Mahama from impeachment.

He argued the party does not just need majority but “absolute majority” in parliament to quell any attempt by the minority to impeach President Mahama.

According to him, but for the vigilance of the majority and the fact that the NDC holds majority in the current parliament, the minority would have through a clandestine move impeached President Mahama.

“They tried to impeach our president. They tried to do it by deceiving us that we are coming to form a committee, not knowing they were coming that we should impeach the president.

“If we didn’t have majority in parliament, they would have impeached our president,” he told a cheering crowd of party faithful in Ashaiman Sunday at the launch of the eastern zone taskforce of the NDC.

Mr Agbesi who is the Deputy Majority leader in Parliament said under no circumstance should President Mahama be impeached saying, “our president does not and should not be impeached.

“Therefore, when we go to vote, NDC must get absolute majority so that when they make any attempt our president John Mahama will still be there,” he urged NDC supporters.

He underscored how important this year’s Devember 7 election is to the party so that they could continue with the development projects that he said is being executed by the John Mahama government.

“This election is so crucial, so crucial, it’s so important that nobody, none of you should even go and spoil your ballot box. Nobody should go and spoil your ballot paper. Every paper they give you, you must account for it,” he told the supporters.

He used the occasion to debunk the assertion that the majority has become a rubber stamp for the government.