The Young Democratic Forces, a pressure group within the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has called on former President John Dramani Mahama to openly declare where he stands in the party’s upcoming National Delegates’ Congress.

The Congress to elect persons who will steer the affairs of the largest opposition party ahead of the 2020 general election has been slated for November 3.

Some of the aspirants, according to YDF, in a desperate bid to clinch victory in the upcoming internal contest were going round constituencies with a campaign message that says “the former President, John Mahama has chosen specific aspirants to the national office who he can comfortably work with.”

In other words, the former President has his favourite candidates who he openly supports for national office.

In a petition to the former President, YDF warned that the trend if not addressed immediately will create massive division in the party after the national congress, hence the call on him to openly announce his stance.

“We sincerely want to believe that this is not truly coming from our highly respected and unifying former President. However, the phenomenon of fake news has come to stay and must be disclaimed with urgency to maintain our unity as a party after the party’s internal elections,” said YDF in the petition.

“It is our believe,” it continued, “that those forces spreading such divisive and misleading messages among delegates of the NDC are doing the NDC and its future Presidential candidate a great harm. And these people must, therefore, be exposed now.

“It is in this regards that we the members of YDF humbly petition your Excellency to openly declare your neutrality as far as this Internal contest is concern to give a level playing grounds for aspirants to sell their message as the NDC’s Presidential candidate for the 2020 general election they will need the support of every NDC member and Ghanaians at large to recapture power.”