The Gomoa East  constituency executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Saturday launched a sensitisation program on the upcoming voter transfer by the electoral commission, stepping up efforts to canvass more votes for the party.

Thee Electoral Commission has announced  it  will from September 9, 2016, begin a month-long exercise of    receiving applications for registered voters who wish to transfer their votes from one constituency to another where they wish to vote in December

Speaking to, the party's Vice Chairman in the Gomoa East constituency, Michael Tawia  said:

"Here is a newly developed community and we found out during the local assembly elections that a lot of people could not vote because most people moved to this place after the 2012 elections.We are acutely aware that most of these people who moved, especially from Accra are NDC supporters, so we want to ensure they  get their votes transferred to this constituency in order to win the seat for our Party."

"This seat is for the NDC and  all we need to do is to encourage all our members who have moved in here to partake in the vote transfer exercise to get the chance to vote in the December Election"

According to the Electoral commission Those wishing a transfer are required to visit the District Office of the Electoral Commission in the Constituency where they are now resident to complete the vote transfer application form to be processed.

Those applying must be resident in the Constituency they wish to transfer to for at least 12 months and must provide proof of residence.The process is expected to end on Friday, 7th October 2016.

By Fiifi Abdul-Malik/