Following the inflamatory and divisive 'Northerners in NPP are only fit for running mate positions' by Director of Operations of Alan Kyeremateng's 2024 Campaign Hopeson Adorye, known NDC social media communicators have openly come to the rescue of the beleaguered Director of Operations of the Alan Kyeremateng Campaign.

Adorye, speaking in Kumasi over the weekend at a walk organised to campaign for Trade Minister Alan Kyeremateng, inferred that Northerners in NPP, who he said belong to the Dombo block of the party, are only placed to be running mates to either a Dankwa-linked presidential candidate or a Busia-linked presidential candidate, adding that Alan Kyeremateng should be elected so that he can choose another Northerner to keep the NPP tradition of Northerners being fit for running mates.

These discriminatory and demeaning comments about Northerners have earned Hopeson Adorye and to some extent the Alan Kyeremateng campaign, wide condemnation from members of the NPP and Ghanaians in general.

However, Hopeson Adorye and the Alan Kyeremateng camp are receiving strong support and backing from known NDC social media commentators.

In a rather interesting twist, NDC sympathisers have been defending and explaining what Hopeson Adorye really meant with ethnic effusions.

Many NDC social media activists, whose social media timelines are constantly dedicated to insulting President Akufo-Addo, Vice President Bawumia and the NPP, have strangely been doing a public hatchet job for Hopeson Adorye and the Alan Kyeremateng campaign.

The NDC social media activists, dedicated much of their social media timelines promoting the walk for Alan in Kumasi, and following the fiasco by Adorye, they turned their focus on defending and explaining what Adorye said.

Some of the NDC sympathisers even openly backed Hopeson Adorye and supported his call for Alan Kyeremateng to be elected as the NPP's flagbearer for 20204.

Meanwhile a number of NPP faithful on social media have also questioned why the NDC is so keen on supporting Alan Kyeremateng to be elected by the NPP as its flagbearer in 2024 for a battle their party will keenly contest.

Some interpreted the NDC's constant public support for Alan, coupled with their recent support for Hopeson Adorye as a clear sign that the NDC is not comfortable with Bawumia leading the NPP in 2024.

For the NDC, one NPP sympathiser concluded, Alan represents a walk in the park for them as his election would make it so easy for the NDC to campaign by deepening and fanning tribal sentiments Hopeson Adorye and Co are preaching against the NPP across the country.