Still evangelising on the hubs to ensure peaceful elections, the President of the SEWA Foundation Ghana, Jones Owusu Yeboah, has professed a vigorous message across the nation to outline the interest of peace in the country during the impending 2016 elections.

Mr. Jones Owusu said NGOs have a lot to do so far as ensuring peace is a must, he cleared a conception about the fact that the Non-Governmental Organizations in the country must not wait to witness a disaster strike before they executes their main mission.

He said all these in an interview with Nsiah Ababio a reporter for

Proceeding, he made mention of NGOs like; UNICEF, IOM, UN, COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL GHANA, PLAN GHANA, UNDP and CSOs must see to it that peace prevails in the country to avoid the overload of work on the NGOs. Mr. Jones Owusu stated that, is not right for an organization like the NGO's to wait and take advantage of an upfront situation just to take money from the government.

Furthermore, NGO's should create an avenue that preaches peace. He said no one should allow him or herself to be used by those Politian's and that we should see to it that we maintain the peace each and every citizen enjoys and that there is only one nation i.e GHANA.

Finally he urged all Ghanaians to be very vigilant ,and that no one should allow him or herself to be used to gain political power in their own selfish interests.