Being a politician in Ghana means a lot of things, talk of prestige and power. But it also means the peddling of narcotics and also the scandal of engaging in some other shady deals.

This is according to the father of the Narcotic Control Board, Kofi Bentum Quantson who has revealed that the scandal of “drug money” truly exists in Ghanaian politics today.

The former NACOB boss has revealed that “nobody does politics with his own clean money.”

What he implies is that not even the president and all former leaders are innocent of the illicit drug trade in the country.

So far, Ghana has been ranked as a key enclave for the peddling and trade in narcotics , a development which has seen the erstwhile Mahama administration tighten measures to ensure that security lookouts are strengthened against probable dealers in the scandalous act.

Meanwhile, government says it’s putting in place tight security measures to ensure that all borders and airports are secured with the needed security features to clamp down on perpetrators of the said crime.

Culprits of drug trafficking are liable to face less than 15 years in jail upon processing in a high court.