A member of the New Patriotic Party's Communications team, Saka Salia has sued the Millennium Development Authority (MIDA), the Public Utilities Regulatory PURC and Energy Commission over the planned concession of management of the Electricity Company of Ghana.

Mr Salia in his suit argues that MiDA is not fit to participate in the concession arrangement for the ECG.

In an interview on Citi FM, Mr Salia accused MIDA of being in breach of Ghana's laws after they authored and circulated a draft tariff methodology and electricity distribution table.

"First of all, MIDA, PURC, IFC (transaction advisors) and then the Attorney General have been sued. The reason for the breach that we indicated in the writ is that MIDA as well as IFC collaborated and forged a document purporting to be coming from the PURC and the Energy Commission and to that extent, to allow that fraudulent document to still be part of the transaction process it would have been improper and that is the reason why I decided to take them to court for them to explain to the court and the Ghanaian people why the transaction should not be truncated after this forged document has been recovered."

He argued that the PURC is the only body mandated by law to fix tariff rates while the Energy Commission is the only body mandated to license entities to operate in the sector which makes the activities of MIDA illegal.

"These people as part of their work decided to bypass the PURC as well as Energy Commission but forged documents like the tariff methodology which is the exclusive preserve of the PURC. They also forged a document with the logo of the Energy Commission and all these things have been enumerated in our suit and we believe if it is allowed to stand, fraud will have been perpetrated on the Ghanaian people."

He disclosed that he possesses documents that show that the Energy Commission was not aware of the alleged forgery.

Among the reliefs Mr Salia is seeking from the court are a declaration that the transaction is null and void as a result of forged documents and an injunction on the ongoing concession process.