Mensah Thompson of ASEPA writes...

Folks the ruling NPP is making a huge mistake, a very unpardonable one and I don't know who else is advising them on the 2020 elections apart from the deportee Peter Mac Manu.

You see the NDC made the same mistakes in power, instead of selling their message to the people, selling the massive infrastructural projects that was scattered across the Country to the people as a real proof of what they can do for them if they get another four years, they were fixated on Candidate Akufo Addo.
His age, his health, his violent nature and his corrupt personality.

Forgetting that in Politics, there is nothing like bad publicity.
Everything that keeps your Candidates name in the media, on the lips of the people is a great tool that can be used to your advantage and that is exactly what the NPP did.

They took advantage of the bad publicity the NDC (was spending millions) giving to Nana Addo to sell to the people a different Nana Addo and spiced it with a message of hope.

Today, the Akufo Addo who was written off, who people said could never be President is now the President of Ghana (can you imagine?)

Surprisingly the NPP is making the same grave mistake ahead of the 2020 elections, infact even much graver than the NDC's mistakes in 2016.

The NPP's obsession with Candidate Mahama, and the desire to paint him as Corrupt has lost its potency on the electorates and the NPP is not realising it.
Fact is, this strategy worked in 2016 because John Mahama was the President.

And when you are in Government, the people blame you for all their problems and so it was easier to link the Corruption with the Suffering of the People which was very practical and resonated well with the people and made the people more angry at John Mahama.

Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore, John Mahama is not in charge of the people's taxes anymore, the people don't blame him for their problems, the people don't curse John Mahama anymore because they don't have jobs...and so tagging John Mahama with corruption is the worst strategy the NPP can ever think of going into election 2020.

Because the remedy is simple....
John Mahma is corrupt, he gave the People Ridge Hospital, the bank of Ghana Hospital, the Afari Millitary hospital, the Legon Teaching Hospital and several Medical facilities across the Country...
You are not corrupt, what have you given the people?

John Mahama is corrupt, he stole from the people but he has given the people Circle Interchange, Pokuase Interchange, Tema Roundabout Interchange, the Kasoa Interchange and several road projects across the Country...
You are not corrupt, what have you given the people??

John Mahama is Corrupt, He built over 120 Community day schools across the Country, various expansion projects in the various tertiary campuses, converted the 10 Polytechnics into Technical Universities, upgraded the Colleges of Education to Universities of Education....
You are not corrupt, what have you done for the people?

John Mahama is corrupt , he increased our energy production capacity by over 70% with New Power Padges and Diversified our Energy Mix with the introduction of IPPs, left you with two new developed and ready Oil fields, left you with huge quantities of Gas and a Ghana Gas Company to manage your Gas resources....
You are not corrupt, what have you done for the people?

Folks 2020 won't be about who is more corrupt than who...No!
2020 would be about comparison of records..
and if you ask the people of Ghana to choose between a Corrupt President who will give them all of the above in four years and a non-corrupt President who will give them nothing in four years...
You bet what they will go for....

And so if I were the NPP, instead of wasting millions of dollars paying news papers in Europe to smear John Mahama with Corruption, I would rather invest that energy in finding my achievements in the last four years that can match these solid track records of John Mahama.

And I bet none of such records exist anyway... but instead of cooking scandals which in the end will make your opponent more popular, why not cook achievements instead...smh

2020 indeed will be a tough one!!!

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA