President of policy think-tank IMANI Africa is amazed that the National Democratic Congress is against the nomination of Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), Jean Mensa as chairperson of the Electoral Commission.

The president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo nominated Mrs Mensa and three others to the Commission on Monday following the dismissal of Charlotte Osei and her two deputies.

But the NDC is unhappy with the nomination. According to them, Mrs Mensa is unfit for the position because she is “very political.”

The party’s National Organiser, Kofi Adams said in an interview on Joy FM’s Top Story that the party is “not convinced at all that she will do a good job.”

With the four nominations set for scrutiny by the Council of State, the NDC politician made a radio appeal to the advisory chamber, to correct the President's wrongs in this matter.

The Council of State should "live above reproach" and "do the needful" by rejecting the President's choices as "wrong decisions".

But Franklin Cudjoe is stunned that the party is against Mrs Mensa’s nomination.

As someone who has worked with Mrs Mensa at the IEA, he believes she is of great repute and is convinced that she will deliver to the best of her abilities at her new role if approved.

He said her role in handling the Ghana Political Party’s Programme and her extensive knowledge in presidential debates and electoral processes in the country, make her a perfect fit.

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“She understands exactly what should happen at the EC,” he said, adding that it is “surprising and perplexing that one other party thinks she is not credible.

“Fact of the matter is that in this job, depending on how you respond to certain people, you’ll come across as being biased or not neutral,” he said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show.

Mr Cudjoe noted that Mrs Mensa could have said or acted in a way that seemed as though she was against a particular party during her work at the IEA but using that against her will be unfair.

“In the public discourse, there may be some commentary you may make probably in desperation because you are probably angry, but that cannot be misconstrued as being root and stem against a particular political party.

“That is tall order…to as an institution be against a whole party? I don’t think any institution will do that...but it can be intimidating and worrying when certain political actors behave the way they behave,” he added.

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Describing her as “strict disciplinarian but focused,” the IMANI President said Mrs Mensa’s understanding of the politics of elections in the country has earned her an enviable position to understand what happens at the EC.

He concedes that she may have to consult her predecessors if she wants to make any substantial transformation at the Commission but said her “competency is in no doubt.”