The regional and constituency communicators of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has strongly kicked against the decision by the National Executives Council (NEC) to appoint communication officers from branch to national level.

According to the them, the NEC always blindly copy from the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), which they described as “bad political strategy”.

The communicators have released a statement expressing their displeasure at NEC and asking that it immediately rescind the decision since they believe it will go a long way to affecting the goals of the party.

Below is the full statement:

For Immediate Release:


Our attention have been drawn to an underground attempt by the National Executive committee of NDC to appoint communication officers beginning from our next congress in the next four years.

We the undersigned will wish to express our disgust and displeasure to this unmerited, irrelevant and capricious decision by NEC.

We do not know why the NDC executives always blindly follow the roads of the Npp, because NPP appoints their communication officers does that mean we should also do same?

The NDC had a provision in its previous constitution for ward/ zonal coordinators which the npp did not have. The ndc blindly copied the npp by removing that provision and when the npp brought the ward/ zonal system into their constitution the NDC have gone ahead to copy them. This simply implies what we think is bad political strategy the npp thinks is good for them.
We are just being tossed back and forth by our leaders.

The party neglected the communication department when we were in government, while many NEC members were serving in government we were a back stage doing all the sacrificial job, Do you people know the level of sacrifices we have put together for the communication outfit to be at this level of vibrancy.
Has the party find out Why is the Npp communication department can't match our communication team, it is as result of dedication hardwork and sacrifice.

Where were those experts who called for this unfortunate decision by NEC when we were revamping the communication organ of the party after our lost in 2016?

The party has disrespected our office for too long, while some secretaries undermine our outfit some organisers want to take our position as official mouthpiece of the party. We have been very tolerant for tool long and I think it is time to let the party know our misgivings.
The party has disrespecting us for too long and we believe if urgent steps is not
The ten regional communication officers and deputies, the 275 constituency communication officers and deputies believe the decision by NEC will go a long way to affect the very goals of our party hence express our displeasure at this decision.

We are therefore Calling on NEC to immediately rescind their decision to prevent any commotions in the party because we are willing to go any length to resist this decision.
Until that the decision is rescinded we will urge all communication officers from branches to regional levels to immediately leave the communication job for the other NEC representative who went to make that bogus decision.

To express our displeasure, all communication officer of the party from the branch level, constituency, regional to the national level are boycotting our duty till further notice starting Wednesday 19th November 2018 after congress on come Saturday.

The day of the congress all 570 NDC communication officers across the country will be protesting against the decision at our fourth coming congress slated at the trade fair to resist this insensitive decision.

In view of this, we have all resolved to come to the Congress grounds with placards and red arm bands to demonstrate our displeasure.

We want to put on record the party never engage us to find out our views about the constitutional amendments, never did they also inform us why the change. We wrote to the constitutional review committee out of respect but the response we heard from NEC was that we are not experts.

We want to put on record, most regional communication officers and constituency communication officers are people with masters and first degrees.

We insist the new amendment will not inure to the benefit of the party hence the old other must stay.

Thank You


Regional communication officers and Deputies

1. Brong Aharfo region
2. Northern region
3. Western region
4. Central region
5. Eastern region
6. Greater Accra region
7. Volta region
8. Upper east region
9. Upper west region
10. Ashanti region.