Social media platforms, Facebook, WhatsApp and TikTok,  are buzzing with their videos. They are probably the most popular internet sensation right now.

You may have probably seen five men clothed in black attire with dark spectacles spinning with coffins on EDM track by Tony Igy  “Astronomia.”

Giant billboards, banners and vehicle signage are springing up across the world, urging people to stay home or join them as the corpse on their dancing retinue to the cemetery.

They are the famous Prampram Pallbearers.

Known as Nana Otafrija Pallbearing Services, and they are social media superstars attracting global attention.

In an interview with 3FM, monitored by,  the founder of the group, Benjamin Aidoo, said their newfound fame might influence their rates after the coronavirus pandemic.

“The popularity we have received is booming our business now. We would increase our prices after the coronavirus. For now, we have a manager in Kenya and we have a lawyer too in Kenya,” he said.

Detailing their rate card, Aidoo said the prices determined the attire they wore.

According to him, their black-and-white uniform cost funeral organisers the lowest of the company’s prices.

Although he was hesitant in mentioning the figures, he said, the highest they charged outside the country was $3000, excluding transportation, food and accommodation”.

From the solemn act of carrying dead bodies to their final resting place, the group has turned it into a performance that attracts cheers from liberal-minded mourners to jeers or disdain from conservative people who believe funerals should be without fanfare.

Recounting a bad experience from work, Aidoo said "We displayed for a family in Kumasi sometime last year, the corpse was so heavy that we could’t lift a finger for two weeks after that”.

Source: Theghanareport