The Defence Minster Hon. Dominic Nitiwul while justifying the work of the Operation Vanguard on the floor of Parliament earlier today has stated that, the military were doing their job, indicating that it was not the first time the action was experienced.

He said, “This is not the first time that the Ghana Armed Forces or through the government has a decision to stop people through the use of force and burning.”

The Operation Vanguard of the Six Infantry Battalion was deployed to see to it that, illegal sand winners were brought to book and in the the cause of discharging their task, they burnt down some tipper trucks that were used by the sand winners along the White Volta.

The incident occurred on Saturday March 3 at Tamale and on Sunday March 4, over hundred tipper truck drivers cried out their grievances the Tamal Chief Gulkpe Naa Alhassan Abdulai  over the burning down of their vehicles by the Military at Nawuni near Kumbungu where they transport illegally mined sand.

Hon. Nitiwul while justifying the act said, “Mr. Speaker you would remember that three years ago in Ashanti region a company…got over fifty excavators burnt in Ashanti region by the previous government,” he stated in Parliament Tuesday, adding, the government at that time took a decision to protect the environment.

“The military is the last man standing in any society, what you don’t do as a country is to politicise the work of the Military and I am ashamed and I think it is not good for anybody who seeks to politicize the work of the military”.

He however backed the Sand Winners claim over the fact that they will prosecute the Military over the burning of their tipper trucks.

He said, “Nobody will stop them from seeking redress. They have absolute right to seek redress and I will support them to seek redress. That is for the court”.

He added that the perpetrators of the illegal Sand Winning are still under search by the Military and will be brought to justice.