The Chief Executive Officer of Just Here Company LTD, Madam Gifty Cherry Brown on Saturday fed over 200 kids at Rising Stars Orphanage home at Dodowa, Shai Osudoku District in Accra.

The kids include 58 orphans from rising star children's home and the rest from in and around Dodowa.

Madam Cherry Brown called on Ghanaians to develop interest in helping children who by no fault of theirs, have been rendered in such situation.

She said such children have always found themselves in orphanages where they do not have any affinity with their biological parents and are left in the mercies of care givers.

Therefore, helping such children who are now destitute into their homes and nurturing them to become responsible citizens, were what a good citizen could do, to compliment his or her good works for the country.

Such an act, she noted, always attracts the full blessings of God.

According to the business mogul helping orphaned children and giving them homely upbringing would not be a misplaced priority.

Madam Cherry Brown asked Ghanaians to avail themselves to the poor and the less endowed in society.

“It doesn’t matter whether you have children or not, Ghanaians must show love and make those children their own”, she noted.

Asked what motivated her to show compassion to the needy, Madam Cherry Brown noted she was touched by the spirit of God to help the less privilege.

She said the gesture would not only be limited to the Dodowa Rising Stars Children's Home as plans are underway to extend same to other institutions catering for the less privileged in society.