Some block manufacturers have turned the pavements along the Kanda Highway in Accra into a block making hub, impeding the movement of pedestrians on the pavements.

Currently, heaps of sand and moulded blocks can be found at various spots on the sides of the road.

The emerging block manufacturing centre has become a market for customers.

A resident of the area told the Daily Graphic that block manufacturing was a brisk business for people in the neighbourhood.

Some motorists and pedestrians, however, said they expected the Greater Accra Regional security task force to clear the block manufacturers from the pavements of the highway just as they had cleared traders from the pavements of the city.

At the maiden Greater Accra Presiding Members Conference recently, the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr Henry Quartey, called for a concerted effort in dealing with indiscipline in the city.

The block factories along the Kanda Highway, perhaps, presents a test for the minister’s call to instil discipline in the city.