A Nigerian man has been accused of using his own daughter for ritual after he allegedly tried raping her three times but failed. 

According to a Facebook user, Omolayo Sussan Omowumi, who shared the sad news, she said Mr. Rufus Kehinde Daramola of Awo Ekiti whose picture is seen above is married to her aunty Mrs. Esther Ojuolape Daramola.

She claimed he used his first daughter Daramola Haryomikun Timisire for ritual after he allegedly tried raping her three times.

Omolayo who accused Mr. Rufus of being a deadbeat dad said his daughter's sudden sickness started in January when she suddenly collapsed in the kitchen and was rushed to the hospital where they told them she needed blood because her blood has drained.

She said the young lady was also taken to several hospitals where they also confirmed that she had shortage of blood.

According to her, it was revealed to them that the girl's father who was desperate to get rich used her already for money ritual.

The lady also revealed that the girl disclosed before she died that her father who is now on the run tried raping her three times.

Read what she wrote below.

The man you see in the pictures is Mr Rufus Kehinde Daramola of Awo Ekiti in Irepodun/Irepodun local government, with his wife Mrs Esther Ojuolape Daramola who is my aunt and their first daughter Taiwo whose Kehinde died at birth. The man left my aunt with a rich lady when my aunt was pregnant with the twins and returned after several years to apologise and my aunt took him in, they legalised their marriage and had two more children and they both lived inside the 4 bedroom flat my aunt built while the man fled with another lady.

The man tried forcing his daughter Taiwo whose name on Facebook is Daramola Haryomikun Timisire to bed thrice chasing her around the house without succeeding and will still tell her not to tell her mum, she never mentioned it until it was time for her to die. Her sickness started in January when she suddenly collapsed in the kitchen and she was rushed to the hospital where they told them she needed blood that her blood has drained. It was so surprising that how can that happen when she never felt sick, since then till yesterday when she finally gave up the ghost, they have been taking her from one hospital to another and giving her blood since her blood was always drained, they spent over a month in Teaching hospital Ibadan and the husband did not check on them,he was flirting around with ladies.

While taking her to different churches, all they were saying was that the father has used her already for money ritual,and my aunt said he has always been desperate to get rich and when they confronted him, he said "if she wants to die, let her die", they reported him to some traditional rulers and they summoned him but he never showed up, rather he took to his heels.

The girl finally died yesterday and was buried and yet he refused to show up. Taiwo was 18years and has a striking resemblance with her father who has no known job, it's my aunt who gave him money several times to start a business but spent the money lavishly, my aunt also bought him a vehicle to use for commercial purposes and he sold it. He has tried raping at least 3 of his wife's younger sisters and also broke in while the wife was with their daughter at the hospital.
Please, help share this post to locate him because he's on the run. God bless you all and may you all never cry over your children.

Man who allegedly tried raping his own daughter 3 times accused of using her for money ritual in Ekiti ?(Photos)