Controversial musician and satirist A plus, has this morning taking to his Facebook page to attack the Campaign Coordinator of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Adams for calling him a 'drug addict' among other things on radio.

The two have been at it for some time now and this time it seems A plus has had it with Mr. Adams.

In a rant on his Facebook page, A plus accuses the national organizer of the NDC, Kofi Adams of sleeping with legon girls in a car under tress. He goes on to dare Kofi Adams to take him to court for defamation if it wasn't true.

He posted:" So why does Kofi Adams like chopping women in his car at Legon like that? I mean Kofi Adams the NDC national organiser. Everyday he's chopping a woman in his car under a tree on Legon campus. I thought he's married? I made it very clear who I'm talking about. Those who will come here to defend Kofi Adams ask him why he can't take me to court for defamation. Because he knows it's true and if he tries I'll post evidence on social media. Kwasia you went and sat on radio that me I do drugs. If you like say fi..... anka wo b? hu wo nakedness. Siaaa!!!!

A plus continued: "Sia people. All of you were in this country when they begun same about Nana Addo. Nana Addo is a drug addict, Nana Addo is a drug addict. They said it aaaa till some people believed it. Now Kofi Adams has begun with me and you want me to be quite. Unlike Nana Addo who didn't have social media to defend himself those days, me di? I'm fortunate to have not just a facebook page but one with huge following. When he was on radio lying about me you guys didn't know that my kids were listening and it will affect them? I'm telling the truth about him and you say his family is reading. Mo y? kwasiafo ma me papapapa!!!! Kofi Adams. Car mu tw? di hene. Siaaa!!!!

Story by Daraja Mutari/