The Reverend Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, has cautioned incoming political officers to eschew arrogance of power and rather serve in humility and in the interest of the citizenry.

“They should not exhibit arrogance of power, insult, attacks, you are over and above all us, you are in office for your personal comfort and that we dare not raise a voice,” Rev Opuni-Frimpong advised political officers in an interview with GNA on Friday.

He pleaded with the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and all his appointees to be legacy minded, saying that was what would guide them into the future.

He explained that to be legacy minded or legacy conscious meant that leaders must be very clear in their minds what they were into office to offer-right and had in mind what they wanted to offer before they exited at the end of services.

“Leaders must be very clear in the minds what they are in offices to offer not when they are exiting but when they are arriving, how they want to be remembered for and work towards that - as men and women who came to serve, men and women who are faithful, humble and in for the common good of Ghanaians and for human dignity.

“Those who want to make Ghana great and strong-they must live with that mind set and-that is what will guide all their decisions and implementation of whatever policies are on their desk and the discipline they bring to office and be able to be accountable to the people”, Rev Opuni Frimpong advised.

“We are praying with them, we wish them well but they must know that Ghanaians cannot accept anything apart from the best for ourselves.

“We have a nation that must be build, we have a young people that we must be conscious of, that when we exit, we must have a better Ghana for our young people and our children who are yet unborn”.

Meanwhile, Rev Opuni-Frimpong has congratulated the new administration on their assumption of office and for the colourful swearing in ceremony and said he was hopeful the selection of personalities was done by the President with due diligence.

As they engage society, when they hear people calling for accountability they must not see them as enemies, he said.