By Doctor Lawrence

When we say this government under Nana Akufo-Addo is the most useless in this forth republic, some people think we are being harsh. In fact, from the President to the last commmunicator in this government, no one has wisdom. I will give you examples to explain myself:

Spunik Vaccine: The Finance Minister paid $5.7 million to some thieves for the vaccine without knowing how much it costs in Russia. The communicators were on radio and TV saying Ghana had not yet paid a dollar when in actual fact, the Finance Minister had already signed a check for $5.7 million. Ghana lost $2.7 million in that transaction.

Presidential Jet: When the issue of the Presidential Jet came up, the Defense Minister among other things, told us that the Ghana’s Presidential Jet was not convenient and that Nana Addo can’t even bath in it. You see, because of the convenience but not the safety of the President, Ghana lost GHC2.8 million in 23 days.

Police Killings: When that policeman was killed in that bullion attack, the IGP looked straight in the faces of Ghanaians and told us there are attacks everywhere except heaven. So for the IGP, the death of a policeman in Ghana is normal. Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Police Council, the Vice President, Dr. Bawumiah had promised them in 2019, that no policeman will go on duty without a bullet-proof vest. The policeman who was killed in 2021, was on duty but without a bullet-proof vest.

$170 million Judgment Debt When this scandal first broke up, the Attorney General told us the contract with GPGC was canceled because of excess capacity of power. Meanwhile, Ghana is in dumsor. Were not these same people whose fathers accused Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of building the Akosombo Dam and causing financial loss due to excess capacity? They compared the population of Ghana in 1961 and concluded that the Akosombo Dam had an excess capacity. Today in 2021, don’t we need three times of the Akosombo Dam to be at par on our power supply? Is it not the same with the GPGC contract? Their fathers didn’t see Ghana beyond 2021 and they also don’t see Ghana beyond 2081. When Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was seeing Ghana beyond 1961, they were fooling with excess capacity and when John Mahama was seeing Ghana beyond 2015, they are also fooling with excess capacity. I don’t know why God gathered visionless people into one political party.

The Attorney General whose laziness caused Ghana $170 million judgment debt has quickly referred the matter to the CID for investigations. I will renounce my citizenship if this matter comes up again and someone in the NPP is jailed for this recklessness and foolishness. The stupidity in this administration is becoming one too many.
I have not started writing yet.
Mahama beba.
Dr. Lawrence