So, you have completed the final stage of the writing of your fantastic work. At the moment, you may feel that you have a perfect document. This is your work and your masterpiece. However, the last step is proofreading. When writing a printed text, a person is likely to make mistakes because of illiteracy or negligence. Therefore, before submitting an essay, it is advisable to check the writing carefully. Reviewing what you have written may be discouraging. But if you use the following proofreading tips, this task will become more comfortable and help make your scientific work much better.


The Rules to Follow When Proofreading the Text

Each student has his or her own methods in the process of proofreading the text. Nevertheless, it is possible to determine the general rules for proofreading that should be followed during the work.

  • First proofreading. Here you should notice and correct gross spelling and syntactic mistakes. At the first proofreading, the presence of cognates in one sentence is noticeable. It is advisable not to put them in one or two sentences in a row because it spoils the text. If the synonym of the word that needs to be replaced does not immediately come to mind, then it can be selected using programs, special services, and dictionaries.

  • Do not hurry. Do not read the text immediately after you have written it. Give yourself a break, distract from the text, and cool down. And after a pause, you will have a sharp mind, and thus be able to identify all the flaws made when writing the text accurately.

  • Creative and proofreading processes should be separated. When writing, you should not restrain yourself while thoughts and ideas are spinning in your head. When you are finished, just remove the text from you. Arrange a day of silence and do not touch it. While writing, emotions play brightly, each sentence is filled with different intonations, and everything seems necessary. In other words, you are attached to the text. The main point of the pause is to break this connection. You need to forget that you wrote the text to approach editing objectively.

  • Pay attention to paragraphs. Build paragraphs based on logic only. You should pay attention to the topic of your essay. Therefore, when proofreading, it is essential to monitor not only mistakes but also the logical sequence of the text.

The Main Techniques to Proofread the Text

These editing and proofreading tips can be helpful. At first, editing might seem like a daunting task for you. After a while, you will come up with your own unique methods to find and correct mistakes quickly.

  • Get a grasp of every sentence. It is long and tedious, but it will allow you to check the compatibility of words and their grammatical relationship. You should determine whether a sentence is simple or complex. If necessary, place additional punctuation marks. In case of doubt about the need for a particular mark, you should rebuild the sentence. After all, you have an opportunity to change the design of your essay.

  • Use spell checkers. Spelling is one of the essential criteria when checking any text. If you cannot find a mistake in the written material, you should use a particular online resource that will check your article, taking into account all spelling rules.

  • Read the material out loud. It may look strange for the outside, but reading the written material out loud makes it possible to hear the melody of the text. It is impossible to identify some roughness in the text by eye, but the phrase spoken aloud makes it possible to catch the problem spot.

Tips to Proofread the Text Better

  • Read from the end. Start reading from the bottom. This method allows you to perceive each subsequent phrase as a separate and independent element of the text. Your attention will not focus on the meaning of the essay. Instead of skipping mistakes, you will pay attention to them.

  • Ask somebody to proofread it for you. You can propose someone to see your piece. All people are diverse, as well as their understandings and education levels. The involved person can notice something that you missed. And if different proofreaders examine the text, then the outcome will be many times sounder.

  • Focus on specific mistakes. According to the picture, 97.5% of students are not able to multitask. It also applies to proofreading. It is more comfortable to perform one task at one time. Therefore, focus on one type of errors. For example, review punctuation at the beginning. Read the message, edit it, and then move to grammar. In this way, you can accomplish the whole paper faster.

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