Drama unfolded Thursday afternoon at the Takoradi Market Circle when a professed prophet of God unleashed his spiritual powers to cast out evil spirits from known lunatics on the streets of the metropolis.

Prophet Kwame Egyare who said he has been mandated by God to carry out what he termed as the healing exercises, ‘arrested’ the lunatics, bathed and shaved them.

The about five lunatics who were ‘exorcised’ of their lunacy were given new clothes by Prophet Egyare and his team from the Anointing Revival Ministry, and put in a waiting car to be taken to a camp to complete the healing process.

“I have a place I’m going to camp them for three months, after which I will reunite them with their families. I don’t know their families but when I’m done healing them they will lead me to their families,” Prophet Egyare said.

One of the lunatics, who exhibited some level of sanity after the exorcism, was able to tell Connect 97.1FM his name [Kwame], that of his mother and father as well as his hometown but the Prophet said they will be taken to his camp where they will receive their total healing.

According to Prophet Egyare, he has been bathing and shaving lunatics in the Greater Accra and Western regions; a practice he claims has given those lunatics sanity.

Lunatics for farming

Popularly known as Sumsum Agya, Prophet Egyare has appealed to the government to give him large tract of land and cargo cars so he can widen his operational areas to cover the entire country.

He said these lunatics have become a nuisance roaming the streets of Ghana, and if he is given the support, he would make good use of them.

“I will pick all lunatics in the country to my camp, pray with them for a year and if I get 10,00 lunatics, I will use them to farm cassava and plantain to boost food supply in the country,” he told Connect FM.

According to him, the mental ailment should not be seen as a medical condition but rather an evil spirit manipulation that is why those taken to psychiatric hospitals are not able to heal after years.

“Lunacy is an evil spirit…which cannot be cured by orthodox medicine,” he claimed.

“These lunatics are aggressive because of the evil spirit in them and if you are not careful they could hurt you but because of the anointing God has given me, when I hit them, they become subdued,” he said.

With a biblical allusion to Mark 5:1, he explained his belief for attending to such category of people in the society, which he said, is salvation and that of the lunatics.

Recently, an alarming number of persons with mental ailment have invaded the streets of the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis, something that is causing fear and panic among the people.

Some market women and others who observed the healing process Thursday, have meanwhile applauded the efforts by the prophet and his team who have pitched camp at the Market Square for the next week.