A structural engineer, Mrs Carlien Bou-Chedid, has said that it is important for the country to possess a Prota structure Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to enhance infrastructural development in the country.

BIM is a spatial software that is used to design multi-material structures, manage high-quality drawings and calculation documentation and share 3D information with architects, owners and other stakeholders.

Speaking at the launch of the Prota Structure 2019, she said, the software is important because it contains a single data set that coordinates the work of everyone and helps to reduce corrupt practices.

The engineer said the spatial software made the work of structural engineers easier with regards to analysis, designs, drawings and documentation adding that this is a development that needs to be embraced by all in the sector.

Mrs Chedid explained that with the use of technology, complex tasks could be performed with little efforts as one examines other alternatives.

She said that an ideal software would be one that is user-friendly and had a flexible interface that could permit the application of different situations.

Mrs Chedid expressed joy that Prota has provided a software that is BIM compliant adding that there is the need for a platform to be created that would ensure that all infrastructures in the country were BIM compliant as it would help save costs and detect inherent faults.

Mr Altug Guler, the Technical Operations Manager, Prota, said they developed softwares that could perform multiple tasks and make the work of engineers easier adding that they partnered with the Ghana Institution of Engineering and CaB Royale to provide continuous support for engineers in the country.

He said with this technology and their software, engineers could model a structure within 40 minutes and this would enable them to concentrate on the engineering part of the models leaving the detailing that could automatically be carried out by the software.

Mr Abel Cudjoe, the Chief Executive Officer of CaB Royale Limited, said the Prota Softwares are infused with artificial intelligence that enables one to access all documents and perform analysis functions faster.

He said time was very important and with the Prota BIM it saves time and enhances work.

CaB Royale is a skill developing and technology training centre and one of the partners of Prota in Ghana.

Prota was founded in 1985 and is the leading global software development, engineering and consultancy group with specialised approach to project design.