Find out what under 0.5 means in sports betting 

What does under 0.5 goals mean in betting? 

Contemporary bookmakers propose numerous sports betting possibilities for punters. There are either such types of bets that are suitable for beginning bettors or professional ones. Also, there are kinds of punts on which bookmakers establish relatively high odds and those which are common and that is why the odds on them are rather small. Totals are among the most common types of bets nowadays. With such punts, bettors should simply indicate the total number of things that will happen during a particular match. 

These may be goals, yellow and red cards, penalties, goals, removals, etc. Predicting the correct number of those indicators may be quite troublesome. What makes it far simpler is over/under bets which require bettors not to make forecasts on the precise number but to predict whether it will be higher or lower than that established by the bookie. So, in this article, we will describe in detail what under 0.5 goals means and how to make such bets correctly.

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What odds can I get on under 0.5 bets? 

A total less than 0.5 means a bet that none of the events you bet on either goal, corner or a penalty will occur in the match or in the first or the second half of it. This is the same as betting on a zero draw. If at least 1 goal is scored in a match, the bet immediately loses, regardless of the final score. Due to the fact that it is quite rare that nothing happens in the course of the game, the betting odds for under 0.5 punts are quite high and may vary from 3.00 and even up to 20.00. Therefore, if you want to make a huge profit, then you should definitely consider this type of bet. 

Top points to consider when doing under 0.5 bets 

What is crucial to keep in mind is that under 0.5 punts are more common in the live mode than in the pre-match one. In football, the most common bets are on expected goals, red cards and removals. As far as tennis is considered, bettors usually make punts on double faults or aces. In basketball, you will often find the under 0.5 bets in the markets for personal statistics, for example, the number of blocks a player will make in a quarter.

When it comes to baseball, 05 goals betting is very characteristic for this kind of sport. The match is divided into playing segments in which each team attacks in turn. 0:0 is a very common result for a separate half of the game. Under 0.5 punt will win if there were no runs in the inning and the score in the match remained the same. Another option is personal stats, such as the number of runs from a particular player.

In Esports, such a type of bet may be offered for the number of maps won by the team. With long-term under 0.5 bets, punters usually place them on the number of gold medals from a certain country, for example, in the Biathlon World Championship.

Do’s and don'ts when doing an under 0.5 bet 

While making under 0.5 punts, it is recommended to concentrate not on the big championships but rather on single matches. Also, you should evaluate the motivations of the playing teams. If they are satisfied with a draw, they will focus more on defence and will rarely go forward openly and make attacks. In such a case, you may place such bets on those teams without hesitation. 

In addition, you may make under 0.5 punts in live mode because then you will be able to analyse the game from the very beginning. You will have a chance to watch the development of the events on the field and notice the tactics that the teams have chosen. So, you may check whether a particular team has a strong desire to win or not. If so, then you had better not place under 0.5 punts on this football match. 

What you should also pay attention to is the squad of the teams because this factor may also have a substantial impact on the outcome of the match. For example, the absence of the main goalkeeper or defender will increase the chances of a goal. However, if the main forward does not play, it will definitely be a plus for placing under 0.5 goals bets. 

The analysis of the statistics would be also beneficial in this type of betting. Check the results of the recent matches played by the two opponents and pay attention to the number of goals they scored then. If they haven’t scored for quite a long time over a few last games, then the likelihood of them scoring during the next match is rather low. 

Also, if you are hesitating on which team it is better to make an under 0.5 bet, then you should benefit from football predictions that are proposed by sports analysts who have certain knowledge and experience in this gambling sphere. That is why you may always use their advice while making your punts.


To sum up, the under 0.5 betting market is quite favoured by those bettors who like winning big out of high odds. Bookmakers give punters a possibility to make this type of bet on diverse sports disciplines but also on a wide range of indicators in the games. So, check some under 0.5 goals predictions from professionals and enjoy making your own bets.