Lately, there has been a number of publications in the media about some unscrupulous persons misrepresenting the QNET brand and allegedly engaging in unfair and unprofessional marketing practices. QNET is taking a head-on approach to addressing any unsavory claims about the company.

"We are very transparent as a company," says Malou Caluza, the CEO of QNET. "Everything you want to know about QNET is available on our website and our social media pages." Prospective distributors can also find information readily available on third-party websites. Anyone who mistakes QNET for a scam has not investigated the realities of the direct-sales company. Caluza encourages people to "please make up your mind after you have had a chance to review both sides of the story."

Ms. Caluza explains that, in other to address misinformation that has been circulating about QNET, the company focuses on education and awareness.

"We use social media campaigns, stakeholder engagement, PR programs, seminars, training, and events to help people understand the positive socioeconomic impact of direct selling," she said.

"We also focussed on educating the public about the difference between legitimate direct-selling businesses and illegal pyramid scams."

Unlike a financial scam, QNET's direct selling is a unique method of marketing and selling goods and services directly to the consumer, away from a permanent retail space. Direct selling is driven mainly by word-of-mouth referrals, which is why QNET is committed to transparency in all aspects of the company and its products. As a company, it always ensures compliance with local laws and regulations.

The Benefits of Being Transparent

QNET maintains internal transparency by openly communicating with employees and remaining honest about company operations thereby boosting employee morale. By providing independent representatives (IRs) access to company and training information, QNET creates a welcoming, educational environment for employees to learn how to grow and succeed. The direct-selling company knows that investing the time and adequate resources are essential to creating sustainable and successful distributors. There is no place for secrecy at QNET.

Since 1998, QNET has been providing customers around the world with distinctive, exceptional products and services. It allows independent representatives to build a sales business based on promoting these high-quality products. QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices and agencies in more than 25 countries worldwide. Caluza says that each and every one of QNET's best distributors pulled themselves up through the ranks the old-fashioned way: with lots of hard work and a willingness to learn. "They are our best ambassadors for the message that success at QNET takes hard work and consistent effort. Once a distributor puts in the hard work and diligently follows the best practices, the results will be rewarding as we train them. It may take time, but it will be worth the wait."

Ways QNET Encourages Transparency

QNET understands the importance of having a solid online presence in today's technology-driven world. The company website evaluates customer feedback utilizing reviews and testimonials. QNET is committed to providing the best for its customers and employees by adhering to an ethical code of conduct. Being transparent with company policies and product features encourages distributors to reach their full potential. Being on the cutting edge of technology significantly helped the direct-sales company throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And with tools that monitor and manage data in real time, distributors have access to available resources and analyze purchasing trends to better serve their business.
Transparency also facilitates engagement and effective communication between distributors and QNET.

Building strong business connections is imperative for successful direct selling. QNET provides distributors with an accessible registration process to help them better understand the training and resources necessary to grow at the company. "We have established the 'QNET Pro Initiative,'" says Caluza, "which focuses on training and education for our network on building the QNET business in a legal, professional, and ethical manner."

QNET maintains the utmost transparency regarding product information and refund policies. "Our
Network Compliance Department is focused on investigating all complaints we receive from the field about violations to our policies and procedures," Caluza explains. "That department also enforces penalties on those who misuse the QNET name and harm our reputation."

Where necessary, QNET engages and collaborates with external stakeholders such as government and security agencies to investigate fraud allegations and substantive deal with it. QNET has established a procedure to terminate the business accounts of independent representatives found to be engaged in unethical marketing practices and conduct.

According to Ms. Caluza, "Some bad apples have made exaggerated claims about the business or our products that are simply not true and not endorsed by QNET," Caluza says. "The damage caused by such people is extensive and we have established ways of sieving them out of the business."

The company offers distributors a vast education program to help them see beyond the false scam allegations made about the direct-sales business. "There is a lot of misinformation about QNET out there, which is unfortunately due to a lack of understanding of the direct-selling business in many parts of the world," explains Caluza. "While direct selling is more than a century old, it is still in its infancy in many emerging economies and hence, not properly understood. Many people assume it is some type of financial or investment scheme, and they are wary."
Being transparent allows QNET to develop a success-driven workforce of distributors. "We have hundreds of success stories from people who have transformed their lives with QNET," says Caluza.