Having a date magically go well, is almost as unpredictable as the weather. Even if you manage to build a spark between you both, it can easily disappear with the advent of one wrong action or word. It doesn’t matter if it is the first date or the seventh, each date is crucial to be able to know each other. Asking the right questions, having conversations of mutual interest, compliments and more is the way to spark the romance between you and your date.

Make no wrong move One wrong move and your date might take offence. Unknown to you, they might not like it if you ask something or present your opinion that's inappropriate. In such cases, if the person is mature, they will respect your views but if they take an offence, they will likely never talk to you again. If you want to risk that, well enough. But, avoiding asking certain questions on dates can really help you to inch towards your dream relationship. Keeping this in mind, we have curated some list of questions to avoid asking on dates.

“Where do you see this going?” Asking this question right in the first date or even in the next few ones would always show you as an overly-eager person. It will show you as a desperate person who is way too eager and in a rush to be committed to someone. This question, unknown to you, might weigh heavily on the other person and thus, they might want to back out. “You seem pretty nice, why are you single yet?” You can strike the wrong chord with this question. It would make the other person feel that something is wrong with staying single. Or, it might make them feel as if you’re asking bout particular flaws of theirs due to which they have remained single yet. Try to appear happy that the amazing person in front of you is single. “How do I look?” This is a simple yet pretty straightforward question. Some may feel uncomfortable answering this question. Pertaining to appearances, if you utter a compliment that contradicts their appearance, it can feel nasty for the other person. You might also feel dissatisfied with the answer if you tend to ask your date this question.

“How have your past relationships been?”

Know this that your date would have told you their past experiences if they had been comfortable. Predictably, it must be a sensitive topic for them to ponder on and also give an explanation about. When the time comes, they will tell you about their exes without any hesitation. Furthermore, it would make you seem every inquisitive if you ask them this.

“So what are you?”

Hit them with this question and they might just hit you back with: ‘I am a human.’ This is no way to ask about their origin, culture or religion. This is simply a very blunt way of asking whether they are a Punjabi, Christian, Bengali or belonging to other backgrounds as well. Instead, ease into this question and let the other person tell this themselves.

“Do you want a drink? I really do; had a rough time.”

By saying this, you are giving the other person the impression that you came on this date as a means to escape the harsh and rough time you’ve been experiencing. Drinking sure is a good way to seem friendly but, you might want to take cautious steps around this one.

Source: indiatimes.com